Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crazy Man

"The caption is a mad man!" A chew man said as he pulled out a knife
"STOP he in  not a mad man give me that knife!" I scram whit a fear grab of the knife Two fallow crew members tired to tall the crew that he in mot a mad man. They soon fond out that he is not a mad man and of we went.

My Goals For Th e New Year

My goals for the year

  • Do more stuff white me family
  •  Go out side more
  • hike more 
  • Play lees video games
  • eat good food for my body

I will go on more hikes whit my mom the resins are to git in shape eat good food. You shod go on hikes because it is good for your body

How I Learn Best?

How I learn best in reading and writing. I learn best if it is Tactile/Kinestheic. I like posters,videos,games,I like to talk about the posters,I learn better if there is photos.

Monday, December 15, 2014


We have bine sailing for all most two months. We all most lost two crow members one in the fotist and one die white a bad case of scervi.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Weeks at see

August 1,1495
       "The ship is all good!" I scram
"But what is that small?" With a gag
"That is water proffer it will only last for a few days,What I will not live sail whit this gunk on my ship!"
After a hour we seat sail of we when.
        We have been on sea for weeks the floors all whets have water so they do not brake. The sun is to muck for my crow. We let them of the ship when we got to land and they all came bake but one we soon fond him dead in the forest. We had to go on whit out him.